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Join the Fontana Police Department today and earn up to $6413.00 a month protecting your community. Enjoy a complete benefit package including health, dental, vision, life insurance, retirement & long term disability.

Men and women seeking a career in law enforcement will find the Fontana Police Department to be one of the premier agencies in the Inland Empire. Recognized at the state and national levels for award winning community oriented policing programs, Fontana is aggressive in our approach to the policing philosophy. The department approaches law enforcement from many aspects, which afford career-minded individuals the opportunity to participate in a myriad of programs.

Patrol Unit
Twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, the Patrol Unit patrols the City's 36+ square miles. As the largest unit within the Police Department, the Patrol Unit is the first line of crime prevention, crime detection, criminal apprehension, and public education. The primary duty of the Patrol Unit is the enforcement of state and local laws and regulations, as well as assisting citizens in all matters from animal problems to civil disputes. Patrol enjoys a 3 121/2 work schedule, with 1 10-hour "payback" day per month.

Investigations Unit
The Investigations Unit is primarily responsible for conducting in-depth criminal investigations. This unit handles cases that are too complex or time consuming for the Patrol Unit or those that require highly specialized attention. This unit investigates both reported and unreported crimes. Investigators identify and arrest criminal suspects and prepare cases for successful prosecution in the court system.

K-9 Unit
The primary purpose of the K-9 unit is to provide support to uniformed patrol in situations that can best be handled by an officer and a trained canine. Canines are trained in narcotics & article detection as well as support apprehension.

Special Enforcement Detail
The Fontana Police Department's Special Enforcement Detail (SED) has the responsibility of handling incidents involving barricaded suspects, hostage rescue, high-risk search warrants and situations beyond the scope of patrol personnel. The SED unit works closely with our Hostage Negotiation Team (HNT) which is a team highly traineed in the art of tactical communications.

Multiple Enforcement Team (MET)
The Multiple Enforcement Team consists of the Bicycle Unit, Gang Unit, Graffiti Enforcement and the Crime Free Multi-Housing Program. Each individual units has specific objectives and responsibilities. Combining these units into one team has allowed for an increase in personnel to address and respond to specific crime problems.

Bike Unit
The Bicycle Unit helps facilitate interaction between officers and citizens while providing a good crime fighting tool at a reasonable cost. This method of patrol is capable of monitoring areas where people congregate such as parks, ball games, common areas of apartment complexes, parking lots and downtown business areas.

Enhanced Parolee Supervision Program
State Parole, Fontana Police Department and local community services, formed a partnership to implement an Enhanced Parolee Supervision Program. This program allows our agency to work with State Parole more effectively to reduce crime in our community. The primary objective of the Police and Parole partnership is to protect the public and assist parolees in their reinstatement into society by providing them community services, which will help them to become productive citizens. This program is the duty of the MET team.

Gang Unit
Officers assigned to this unit are committed to gang/graffiti suppression, investigation of gang related crimes and gang awareness presentations at the schools. The Gang Unit assists outside agencies in sweeps, search warrants service and surveillance relating to gang activity.

Narcotics Unit
The department SET (Street Enforcement Team) investigates narcotics related cases in and around the city limits. The team gets information from a citizen hot line, We-Tip, Area Commanders and other sources in order to investigate persons who are using or dealing in drugs. They investigate locations where drug activities such as selling or manufacturing are taking place.

School Resource Program
School Resource Officers are placed on every middle school campus within the city's jurisdiction. This program allows for better coordination of resources, provides prevention and intervention programs as well as suppression activities. The program allows the department to build report with the juvenile residents of the city as well as maintaining the safety of the school campus.

Traffic Unit
The Traffic Unit's goals are to protect the safety of the motoring public, ensure the smooth flow of traffic and encourages the safe operation of vehicles within the city. The Traffic Unit accomplishes these goals through proactive enforcement, by responding to and investigating traffic collisions, and by developing solutions to various problem traffic areas within the city. This unit includes positions on a motorcycle or in a police unit.

Air Support
The Air Support Unit provides an enhanced, proactive, aerial patrol service to the City. This unit augments officer and citizen safety, reduces radio call response times to major crimes, increases criminal apprehension, provides a sense of police omnipresence, and reduces City liability in high-risk police incidents such as high speed pursuits.

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